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Rx: Foot spa highly recommended

Upon entering the spa, which doubles as a legitimate doctor’s office, I was unsure of the type of “relaxing atmosphere” this venue would offer. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve been traumatized as a child. A visit to the doctor’s office only meant one thing: I was sick and would need an injection, or God forbid, a suppository! So, you can understand my nostalgic anxiety as I sat in the waiting area for my appointment.

However, all hesitation was quickly erased once I was ushered into the “spa” section for my pedicure. The clean, modern room with a serene ambiance made me almost forget I was there for a “medical” treatment. I sat on the automated massaging chair and soaked my feet in their “Marine Spa” Dead Sea salts. I was quickly put at ease as the chair and jets began to massage my back, neck and feet.

As I watched “The Simpsons” on the flat screen TV, drank my apple juice and got my feet exfoliated, I felt like I was nine-year-old-again — only this time, instead of the doctor’s visit ending with the usual insufficient lollipop of repose, I left with pretty pink-colored toes and fresh, smooth heels! My favorite part was the hot towel wrap, in which a steaming wet towel is used at the end of the process to relax your muscles and clean away any excess product.

The nail technician, who was extremely friendly, explained each product as she used them on my feet. Using products from renowned brands — Creative and OPI — you know you’re getting quality. In addition to the Marine Spa, Dr. Edrees Foot Spa offers a line of services under periodic and cosmetic foot care, including Raw Earth, Solar and Natural Fruit Aroma pedicures. Each service has its nutritional advantages and helps rejuvenate muscles, alleviate swelling and/or eliminate cracked heels — a curse that people living in “sandal weather,” often succumb to. The spa is also unisex — great news for women I’m sure!

As a woman of fashion and a self-confessed Christian Louboutin addict, the reflexology or Medical Massage, was recommended to ease some of the pressure from my five-inch heels. The ancient Chinese method of treatment used pressure points in the feet to affect all organs of the body. This is not only beneficial for stiletto wearers, but also diabetics, who need to take extra care of their skin and nails for medical reasons. Dr. Edrees also offers the latest in technology with spa specialists who know what they’re doing. With customized spa packages suited to your individual needs, you don’t need to have an ingrown toenail to make an appointment — a woman or man can simply indulge!

For more information, visit: www.dredrees.com or call: 0500506507

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