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Minx: Fashion At Your Fingertips

Fun finger nails have recently become the center of attention in the fashion world.  No longer is it about the French manicure, but it’s now all about Minx nails.  Launched in 2008, Minx nail fashion is the new age of manicures and has become the new must have. These fancy appliques have recently made guest appearances in music videos for Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, and also landed a role in Sex and The City 2 on the fingertips of Samantha Jones. Celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Fergie, Victoria Beckham, and Heidi Klum have all been flashing the designs, and they were even worn by models in the Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. A rep for Bliss Spa said, “People are curious so it’s been all across the spectrum. They are saying they love Minx, it’s beautiful and fun.” Salons average about 4 people per day requesting Minx .

So what are Minx? It’s a flexible film that comes in sparkly metallics, graphics and photo-quality designs, in a wide range of colors and patterns with a heat applied adhesive back. The most sought out colors are silver, gold, and cheetah along with recent requests for something more subtle and neutral. You can even create your very own design or “Minx” the designs up!  According to spas such as Bliss and Fifi International Nail Salon in NYC that specialize in Minx Nails, it’s fast and convenient, and that’s what people like most. The manicure works best on natural nails, and is normally a quick process that only takes about 30 minutes.

To apply, technicians heat and press the film on and then remove the excess using a nail file and scissors. It usually costs about $40-60 and a pedicure is about $70-85, and is said to last about two weeks requiring no drying time, having no smudging and minimal chipping. The new generation is always on the go, and texting all the time; No more simultaneously waving hands, blowing air and spraying fast nail dryer while still worrying about ruining them along the way.   Finally the perfect manicure that we’ve been waiting for! No mess no fuss!

Aside from being low maintenance, they’re environmentally friendly and perfect for a special event/occasion which is why so many people swear by them despite mixed reviews about its longevity. It’s really hard to fault Minx for not always lasting the 2 weeks they’re supposed to since their lifespan depends on how hard you are on your nails. Is there really such a thing as the everlasting manicure? Even the best of the best chip within a few days and most Minx last 4 to 8 days. Minx nails is fashion at your fingertips!

-Christine Vargas,

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